February 4, 2023
Second Story Addition

Ultimate Guide to Building a Second Story Addition in Los Angeles

Second story additions or Second story home additions are a great and well-known method of using the existing structure of your home to increase the living space. By adding this feature it is not necessary to fret about losing your outdoor space. Also, you won’t have be going through the difficult procedures of selling your house, buying the new house, and shifting to a new location.

Second-story home extensions provide a complete or partial level of additional space to your house. They typically involve taking off the roof, creating a new space, then putting the roof. However, in certain cases the builder may expand the upper portion of an existing one-story area for a porch, or a flat-roof garage. Whatever you choose it’s always an ideal idea to let an expert second-story builder take care of the job. When done properly this addition will transform your home into the perfect home you’ve always wanted.

Cost of Adding a 2nd story in Los Angeles

It is estimated that the expense of having a second story extension located in Los Angeles varies based on various factorslike the space construction, labor, layout, design and materials. However, on average it could cost between $300-$500 per square feet, with the top end being $750 per square foot. A square-foot cost of $300 is the lowest figure you’ll find for Southern California, which works around $210,000 for a 700 square-foot second-story. You could pay up to $350,000 or more based on the variables that were mentioned earlier.

Other factors that affect cost include:

  • Terrain – You’ll be paying more for hillside improvements because they’re generally more difficult to access.
  • A bathroom can be added and can cost between $30k and $50,000
  • The condition of the home is built on a slab foundation will determine how difficult it is to connect new plumbing.
  • If you’ll have upgrading your panel to meet the new electrical requirements.
  • Cost of living in your temporary residence during the renovation.
  • If you’ll require to replace the roof of your entire house

Every house is different, which means there’s no simple method to determine exactly what the cost of adding a second story will cost. It’s therefore recommended to collect estimates from various general contractors to know what the project will cost. Make sure that each contractor breaks the bid down into the elements that make it simpler to evaluate the costs of each element in the estimation. You may also wish to begin by speaking with some architects to help design the plans for the second story expansion.

How long does it take to construct a second story addition within Los Angeles?

The time frame varies according to the requirements for foundation work, the materials needed, timing, permit weather conditions, as well as change instructions. The location, the geography, and the condition on the ground contribute to. In general, a second story expansion can take between 6 to 9 months. A part of it could run for 3 to 5 months.

Remodeling creates a lot of noise and dust, which is why the majority of homeowners choose to move away during the construction phase. If you’re planning on moving out, be sure to find out what time the work will take. Your second-story builder should know the approximate duration of this. But, if you’re working on a project with a smaller second story and the work space is sealed off, you could remain in your house.

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Things to Think About When You’re planning to add a second Stories in Los Angeles

Finding a permit to build an Addition to a Second Story

Most second-story additions add an an additional bedrooms as well as a bathroom. Your building permit should include electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits. It is important to note that permit approval is time-bound and lengths vary between cities. For example In Los Angeles, for instance City of Los Angeles, permits for second-story additions can take approximately 12 weeks. However, you can hire an expeditor to expedite the process. Your architect will be aware that the second story extension must be built to meet those Building Energy Efficiency Standards – Title 24 which limits the use of energy that is unnecessary and wasteful in new construction.

Understanding Zoning Rules

The zoning regulations differ from region to region. Therefore, you must determine whether the second-story addition is compatible with the zoning regulations in your community. Recently certain counties have passed legislation to prevent ‘mansionization’ to ensure that architectural designs aren’t in line with the homes that were originally built within the neighborhood. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of these concerns like clearance for powerlines. If you’re located in an historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) be aware that any remodel you plan to do will be scrutinized. Your architect must be familiar with the guidelines and restrictions, in the event that they design plans regularly within your region.

Do not forget to think about the height limitations and whether your proposed changes could interfere with the view of your neighbor. LA has restrictions on height for flat-roofed and pitched roof homes, and vice versa. Check with the municipal building authority to make sure they’ll allow your project to proceed so that you don’t end up being in violation of zoning laws.

The Best Way to Plan Your Second Story Extension in Los Angeles

Find an experienced engineer or architect

It is essential to have an experienced architect that can translate your vision into a design that is safe practical, efficient, and will be accepted by the LA department of construction. An expert architect knows structural codes and can work alongside the general contractor in order to ensure that your project completed correctly in the very first attempt. They can also help you make the best plan for your project.

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Utilities Could Need an Upgrade

If you’re expanding the square footage of your house it’s necessary to upgrade electrical panels as well as plumbing. The room will also require ventilation, which means it could be necessary to upgrade or alter the routing of your HVAC.

Modifications to Foundation

You can expect some foundation adjustments as part of the renovation. The second floor places more strain on the top floor and will usually require reinforcement.

Locating the best company to partner with when you are adding an additional story in Los Angeles

It’s perhaps the most crucial decision you’ll ever make. adding an additional tale within Los Angeles is no handyman task. It requires experience and skills. It is therefore ideal to select a business with experience in handling such projects. Spend time reading the reviews and testimonials of the company look at their reputation, portfolio, and how long they’ve been in operation.

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